#IseeEU is a social media campaign accompanying the European Elections 2019 initiated by the Germany-based association humenta. Its aim is to raise awareness for higher voter turnout, in particular among young non-voters. As a politically neutral association, humenta is expressly not concerned with a specific political party or direction, but with the Elections themselves. In 2014, the turnout for 21- to 24-year-olds was only 35.3%, the lowest among all age groups – humenta is committed to contribute to changing that.

By means of making close-up portraits of influencers, stars and celebrities with one or two EU pupil(s) go viral, the importance of voting for a common European future while at the same time acknowledging national pride and differences is spread. #IseeEU follows the idea of a PUMA viral marketing campaign for the 1996 Olympics.

humenta wishes to thank all contributing stars and influencers, their management teams as well as the graphic designers for their tireless work for the campaign.

#IseeEU Taskforce: Rebecca Blum, Marian Felkel, Julia Gundlach, Annbalou Hasenburg, John Köckert, Felix Landmeser, Robin Ohle, Bianca Perina, Karl Poerschke, Marvin Reiff, Victoria Vosseberg